ecigarettesE cigs are revolutionizing the smoking industry. As exciting as this is, it would seem that everyone is looking the other way, as smokers are switching from their cancer-causing, disease laden tobacco cigarettes to the more innovative electronic cigarettes that are beginning to cause quit a stir.

This is evidenced by the fact that big tobacco is beginning to quietly take notice and are making moves to take their own market share. Giant tobacco conglomerate, Lolliard recently purchased Blu Ecigs, one of the early pioneers of electronic cigarettes, and RJ Reynolds is beginning to market their own brand of ecigs. These moves signals more of these types of arrangements to come.

It is no secret that smoking tobacco cigarettes is dangerous in that it causes lung cancer. Each year there are over 160,000 deaths from lung cancer in the UK alone, and those figures have remained steady for the past 70 years.

People who are switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigs realize this and they have a very valid reason for switching. The more established tobacco companies have to be seeing a dramatic drop in sales, or they wouldn’t be looking so hard at this new market. Certainly with all their money and their already established wholesale and retail marketing outlets, they could be big players in this new, emerging market.

While the final outcomes remain to develop, the emerging excitement of innovation continues to unravel with new emphasis on the experience of ‘vaping’ as the new name for e cigs has materialized. Different shapes for the devices and new colors all mark a new experiment in creating trends as an entire subculture is beginning to emerge.

People can switch from tobacco to vaping and leave their nicotine levels the same, as the ecigs allow substances and flavors to be contained in the device that they are using. Flavors of all kinds from fruits like cherry and strawberry, to peanut butter and chocolate, as well as menthol, peppermint and any other flavors that can be imagined.

There is even talk of regulating the ecigs and Andy from, advised why would they want to ban something that could save millions of people, as there is now no way of knowing what a seller can put into an e cig. They do seem harmless enough, but government likes to tax things like ecigs and if they want to they will. That, however doesn’t seem to be a problem for the devoted users of the new pleasure, as this new industry takes off.

A e cigarette is a device that emulates a regular cigarette without all the harmful additives except nicotine. This is what you need to learn about if you’ve found this article, so when you’re ready to get the information you need you should read along.

You need to look up reviews on the various e cigarette products out there so that you can figure out which ones are worth a shot. There’s no reason to try and use a brand that isn’t all that great because then you’ll just be wasting your money and time. You shouldn’t, however, just read one review and base a buying decision off of that. This is because you don’t know if that person just got a bad product or has a bad attitude. When you read a few reviews you get a better overall feel for what the product is like.

Look for coupons on e cigarettes so that you can save money when you want to buy the product that you want. The best place to find a good deal would be at the website for the electronic cigarette company. They generally will give you a great deal if you order a certain amount or if you’re able to find a coupon code to help you save on things like shipping. There are deals all the time, the key is to just keep looking for them and to do all the research you can on the company.

It’s easy to see that you can get help with e cigarette products if you’re willing to follow this advice. Use it to your advantage and when you’re done you will notice positive results. It’s great to switch to e cigarettes and you can do so now that you know these tips.